Friday, February 6, 2009

Final Vaccination

I sent Ayumi and Kuriyu for their final vaccination last week (2nd Feb). Well, I hope nothing bad will happen to them. At night, after their vaccination, Ayumi didn't take her meal and slept the whole night.

Ayumi looked a bit tired and she didn't anybody to be near her, not even Kuriyu. So I let them both sleeping in the room. Ayumi on bed and Kuriyu on my luggage. Kuriyu was cold so I wrapped my t-shirt around him. At 5 a.m both of them were awake and demanding Blackwood.

Anyway, my two cats are putting on weight, about 300g each. 300g after one month of Blackwood.

I'm glad, it's over at the moment. After this I only have to send them for annual booster. I hope they will grow and be very healthy cats.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

AYUmi, so ayu

Still sayang each other

Playing together again

When Kuriyu came back from surgery, Ayumi was a bit grumpy. She didn't recognise Kuriyu. She kept hissing and hitting him. Kuriyu just wanted comfort from her mother. I was a bit disappointed. I thought that time, I shouldn't have sent Kuriyu for castration in the first place. I could see Kuriyu keep trying to get his mother's attention and to be cuddled again by the mother.

And guess what? After 2 weeks, they started playing together again and of
course menyepahkan rumah.


Ingat orang tak nampak dia

Ayumi serang Kuriyu


Kena terajang dgn Ayumi

Ayumi kepenatan

Ayu nak ikut pergi shopping